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A Simple Plan How To Fight Your Cellulites

Just 15 minutes – a daily program

Drink a glass of warm water with a lemon (because it reduces the acid reaction of the body). Did you know that an acidic environment is preventing the development of good connective tissue? In addition, the JKA is not taken enough fluid and blood and lymph thickens without being able to eliminate a significant amount of waste products.

If you, like me, every day drink three coffees, two cups of tea and half a glass of water, change tactics, gradually increasing the amount of water. Eight glasses of water a day is enough.

I go to shower. Before the shower “Bring ‘body: five minutes to thoroughly massage roller massage legs upwards until the skin turns pink. If cellulite is spread to the stomach, then use a circular motion clockwise. Then have a shower (at least five water exchange, started and finished with a cool water spray). Regular shower improves blood circulation and lymph circulation, cleanses the body of toxins and speeding up metabolism, but then rub thoroughly with a towel, leukemia emphasis on cellulite affected areas, just from the bottom up.

The first one and a half weeks of massage was painful because it did too diligently and vigorously. The thighs were a mass of bruises, but at the time was rainy and cold weather, do not worry about it. For other women to follow both recommend principle to go slowly, thus avoiding bruising. After 5-6 time fold the skin is used to the massage. By joining the warm weather, shift mode: now in the morning is just a shower and thoroughly rubbed with a towel, but in the evening, watching the news, perform with massage roller, because I want to go to work in a dress without red legs.

Pamper your legs with cream

Anti-cellulite cream, gel or oil? The latest products are no longer thick and oily consistency, as they are absorbed well and the choice remains the same terms. Anti-cellulite products are no longer just caffeine, green tea, seaweed extracts or theophylline derivatives, but also added phytoestrogens and various peptides.

Ideally, you will use the cream twice a day or at least once after a shower. I myself am doing twice a day and 1-2 times a week make peeling the body, otherwise, the skin is not breathing, and the imposition of preparation, the cream of the active substance so both penetrate into layers. By the way, you can pamper feet with olive oil, almond oil or other – cellulite very dislikes moisturizing.

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