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Tips for Beautiful Legs

It is true that legs are most widely used part of your anatomy but alas, it does not get right kind of treatment and care that they deserve.

It is important to make them look attractive by keeping them tanned; shaved and healthy otherwise they may begin to look out of shape. Keep in mind that negligence on your part at younger age may cost you dearly at a later stage, so it’s best to start taking care of your legs from your early years to make them attractive and well-toned.

Achieving beautiful legs is not at all a very time consuming process. Daily care of few minutes can go a big deal in giving you sensuous legs. Check out some tips for beautiful legs written below in article!

• Keep in mind that blood circulation in legs is very important so avoid sitting in one position for longer period of time. Get up at regular intervals for about 30 minutes; walk around for proper circulation of blood in legs.

• Avoid using hot water and steam baths as they lead to swelling of veins and legs. Warm water baths is good for improving circulation of blood.

• Avoid sitting cross-legged. Instead use a hassock or a pillow to elevate your legs. allow your feet to rest on ground while sitting straight.

• Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight around your waist or legs. This is because such clothes restrict the flow of blood to your beautiful legs.

• Use good quality moisturizer for your legs otherwise the skin of legs may become dry and scaly. Generously massage legs with moisturizer preferably at night time.

• Home-made session: soak, exfoliate and moisturize
Once in a week, soak your legs in Luke warm water with little salt for 30 minutes to feel relaxed and refreshed. Now to remove dead skin from your legs, use a nice scrubber. Rub scrubber with loofah in circular motion for few minutes and wash it off. Last but not the least, pat dry with clean towel and apply moisturizer on it.

• It is true that dark knees can be embarrassing and unpleasant to look at. So to whiten your knees, apply lime juice over it and allow it to dry. Prepare mixture of lime essence and glycerin in equal proportion and apply over knees every night before hitting your bed to see noticeable results.

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