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Beauty tips for Hair, Skin and Summers

Summers are back again! It is the time when you can flaunt your skin in bikini and felt summer breeze and sea on your skin. But the scorching heat of summers can play havoc on your beauty by directly affecting your skin and hair. But don’t lose your heart! Check out some effective beauty tips for summer season!

  • Beauty tips for hair

The heat of summers dehydrates your hair making them frizzy and lifeless. It is important to cure dryness of hair by using good quality conditioner and sun protection serums.

Also make sure you take shower every time you swim to remove sea water from your tresses otherwise they may turn dry. If you color your tresses or highlighted them, use color protectors before you go out basking in the sun.

Avoid lemon juice application as it intensifies the dryness of your hair.

Letting your hair fee during summer is an amazing feeling. But make sure you keep them off your face for getting a clean look. Use headbands, ballerina bands or tie it loosely with scarf for getting desirable gorgeous looks in summers.

  • Beauty tips for skin

Do wear sunscreen before moving out in sun, especially if you are planning to get a tan. To tan gradually avoid moving in sun during day time as UVA and UVB rays of sunlight can prove very harmful on your skin. Apply sunscreen and moisturizer on daily basis to protect your skin from summer’s heat.

Enrich your diet with healthy and nutritious food items to achieve beautiful skin. Vitamin E and C are very beneficial for your skin and helps in combating premature wrinkling and sagging of skin. For getting glowing, radiant and healthy skin naturally, eat food items rich in essential fatty acids like papaya and almonds.

If you have dry skin, prepare mask by combining honey, lemon juice and vegetable oil apply this mixture on your face and rinse it off after 10 minutes using warm water.

For oily skin, crush some grapes and mix egg white and lemon juice in it. Apply this pack and after 20 minutes wash it off.

  • Makeup tips for summers

Summers should not prevent you from using makeup. What you need is to avoid use of those cosmetics which gets melted during summers.  During summers, use tinted moisturizers instead of foundation. Before purchasing moisturizer, make sure it has SPF to protect skin from sun’s harmful rays. Use shimmering highlighters for beautifying your eyes. For defining your eyes, wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

Flushed skin looks natural during summers. Apply bronzer on t-zone and little pink blush on cheeks.

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