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Healthy Baby Recipes

Hello my name is Usama Tahir. This is my blogging web site To be physical fit, flexible, healthy and strong is a wonderful feeling. To have clear bright eyes, healthy skin, a lean physique with a spring in your step is to radiate vitality. The most important part of this blogging site is to enjoy the journey. With over 16 years experience in Personal Training and Sports Therapy, Nutrition and Personal Performance / Lifestyle coaching Usama Tahir is incredibly well qualified and experienced in coaching and coaxing you to your full potential. Usama advocates a healthy diet and active lifestyle, quality sleep and plenty of fresh air. “A walking advertisement for my Blog, I believe the results of my training and lifestyle speak for themselves! And as I say, enjoy everything in moderation.” Usama’s years spent working with clients in Bath have shown his that it only takes a few small changes in Lifestyle and priorities to make huge differences in the way we look and feel. Exercise is not all about long runs and hot sweaty gyms but combines all sorts of exercise, focusing on the things you enjoy which makes it easier for you to exercise more often. A healthy diet is another thing that doesn’t have to be boring. Usama will encourage you with some simple tasty recipes and ideas about healthy options when you eat out. Usama says she is tired of seeing people waste their time on low fat diets, low calorie diets, long, boring cardio sessions and ‘Fab Ab’ exercises that fundamentally don’t work long term. Its actually impossible to attain a lean, strong fit body without combining nutrition and exercise. Its all about optimizing a balance of the two and then the fun part comes in seeing the results unfold before your eyes.! Having studied at Premier International to attain a Diploma in Fitness Instruction and Personal Training, including Corrective and Remedial Exercise, Injury Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Sports Therapy and Sports Massage. Usama’s aim is to continually develop her knowledge of the human body and the latest breakthroughs in research within health and fitness. For this reason she invests time and energy learning from some of the most successful trainers and nutritionists around the world. He is available in Bath and the surrounding area to bring that knowledge to you. “If you have the desire for change and are prepared to invest a little time and money, the vast experience of Usama and Samama at Healthy Baby Recipes will ensure you reap the rewards. After all, isn’t that what an investment is for?”. Samama, a food Intolerance specialist, became interested in natural health techniques when his own health started to deteriorate and he developed chronic fatigue. Finding conventional medicine lacking and unable to help, Donna explored a wide variety of treatments and therapies. He finally discovered the healing powers of Nutritional Medicine and undertook a food intolerance test, this showed up a number of foods he was intolerant to, as well as being deficient in various vitamins and minerals. This was the pivotal point and he decided to make health his first priority, eventually deciding to train as a food intolerance practitioner at the School of Naturopathic Nutrition, Ask Nutrition in Surrey. The school was founded by a Naturopathic Nutritionist, Fiona Gibson, one of the UK’s leading nutritional therapists. Then Donna gained her diploma in food intolerance testing and clinic consultation. Having eliminated the culprit foods and supplementing his diet with amazing superfoods and raw food to receive the right balance of vitamins and minerals, his health is now fantastic. Now he is committed to helping others to obtain optimum health by healing their bodies from the inside out. He is passionate about teaching people to take responsibility for their own health and direction. Over the years Samama has built a good reputation in her city of Bath, as a motivational speaker and food intolerance practitioner. Alongside his talks, Samama runs his own business called feel good again from clinics in New York , at several Gyms including a personal training gym in Bristol, working with clients of all ages including athletes. Samama advocates a 100% plant based diet.