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3 Tips How To Change Your Cellulites Treatment Tactics


1. Run

Or why physical activity plays a role in reducing cellulite? Cellulite can also be thin people and athletes. Why? The main reason for connective tissue weakness, but in the fight against cellulite, the physical activity required for activation of the lymphatic system, since it is only with the help of muscle is “be displaced by” lymph. If there is a serious cellulitis or if you had been lazy in the winter and only tagged Switch back to the sport, physical activity should be started gradually, because at very high load generates in lactic acid, the body becomes acidic. And again acidic preventing the development of connective tissue. It is recommended to work out more than twice a week, in addition to the load must be long-term (40-60 minutes), but the pulse – 120-130 beats per minute. Incidentally, do not forget that in the sea you can also exercise. Try this summer, not only to swim but also run in the see.Summer – the time of vegetable

2. Summer – the time of vegetables

Or why cellulite matter what you eat? If there are excesses in eating, if eat too much protein, the lymphatic system is no longer with it. It is, therefore, important to eat regularly, almost at the same time, avoid overeating. Cellulite case of a low-calorie diet or fasting does not help. However, the general cheerfulness and purging are beneficial reliever days. It has been discovered that cellulite dislikes phytoestrogens. They contain soy products regularly use can reduce and prevent the further development of cellulite.

3. Do not read until morning

Or why sleep properly? Stress and incomplete sleep with the release of stress hormones. Because it is a longer lasting effect, because weakened is the circulatory and lymphatic system, which again deepens the cellulite condition.

Few interesting facts about cellulitis

After running when you are sweated, touch your abdomen and thigh. If they are cold, you know – these cellulite-affected areas do not have blood micocerculation. With the help of massage, massaging and rubbing the skin, can improve blood circulation and lymphatic system.

Top 3 treatments

The most effective procedure against cellulite (fast is obvious result) can be called the latest technology “Vela Shape III”, which combines bipolar readiofrekvences energy, infrared radiation, vacuum and mechanical action (massage rollers), which at the same time exposed to both collagen and connective tissue, both fat cells and lymph drainage. Unlike Vela Shape II, this is three times higher radio frequency power. Interestingly, the new technology can effectively reduce the size of the body.

The still top is also a radio-frequency procedure, which results in loss of not only fat but at the same time also take place in the skin regeneration, skin density, and hardness increase. Cellulite affected cells be exempt from edema, accelerate blood circulation and improves microcirculation.  Even more intensive stimulation of collagen in the dermis and connective tissue fibers, skin regeneration and strengthening.

No matter how good would vacuum, it requires many procedures to see results. It is usually combined with other procedures because cellulite is important multifactorial minimized. The main principles of operation – activation of the lymph nodes, lymphatic drainage, fat cell metabolism stymulationg (fat cleavage and reduction), forming connective tissue and skin tone improvement.

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